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Do people still use Knockout in 2020?

Yes, people do!

Just this year, my team at work inherited a large website that was written all in Knockout. We were tasked with building on top of the codebase, extending it with new features, and implementing a bunch of design changes.

As tempting as it was to just start over with something more modern like React, Vue or Svelte, we simply didn't have the time. It was a tight deadline and the expectation was for us to keep the existing architecture. This is often a reality of any web developer gig.

And that meant we had to quickly learn Knockout...

I figured, if that happened to us, it might very well happen to somebody else out there. I made some tutorial videos on my tiny, casual YouTube channel to quickly spin people up on the basics of picking up Knockout.

What I've found is that Knockout, even in 2020, is still a really awesome choice. It has a pretty straightforward feature set and doesn't require a build step. So, if you have something that's just stateful enough to be a little bit of a pain in vanilla JS, like a complicated form, but not quite complicated enough to warrant something like React, Knockout might be a really great choice for you.

Here's a link to the first video: https://youtu.be/XhfPaNTEuTs

(Subscribe to my channel for more tutorials! I have more gamedev ones in the works, too.)

I don't expect many people to see or need these Knockout videos in 2020, but I've got your back if you're out there!

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