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Drew Conley

Front End Web and Indie Game Developer

Life Updates: February 2020

Happy 2020! Only 1 month (and 1 bonus day) late. Here's some stuff that's been going on with me recently:

Working hard on our next RPG game about being a developer. Also starting artwork on a friend's game. More info on that soon! I wrote a Twitter thread recently that has a tiny bit more detail:

Was planning on going to PAX East and GDC, but I sorta dragged my feet too long. Hoping to hit more events later this year.

Also working on a new conference talk involving the JAMstack with gamedev.

I have a redesign of this website in progress (at least in my mind) which will look nicer + replatform to make adding updates easier. Woo woo!


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Drew and his brother, Pat

Me and my brother, Pat... probably after writing up one of these emails.