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Drew Conley

Front End Web and Indie Game Developer

Quick Thoughts - Back to work

It has been a busy few weeks! Things are starting to settle back down. Currently wrapping up a fun holiday weekend with friends in town.

Traveled back to St. Louis for work early last week. Was great to see family, coworkers, and friends in person for the first time in a few months. I'm loving remote work, but real facetime is hard to beat. That was my last trip for awhile. I'm looking forward to settling back in at home and getting back to work.

Glenn and I are gearing up for a content update for Danger Crew. Adding some ideas that weren't totally ready for launch. We've now had some time and space to think everything through. Also, a ton of great UI and UX tweaks based on player feedback.

And we're stepping up our Twitter game! Posting what we're working on, videos from the game, getting involved with other game developers. All the stuff we should have been doing years ago. Live and learn, right?

Here's a shameful plug... follow Danger Crew on Twitter! :D

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Drew and his brother, Pat

Me and my brother, Pat... probably after writing up one of these emails.